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Q&A: How do I start getting into the Bible?

Q: To be honest, I’ve never really read the Bible much and I want to get more into it. Do you have any tips or guidelines on how to go about this?

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The angst of death

Deaths tend to bring out a lot in us. Questions of ‘how could that person have died?’ or ‘how is this fair’ or all sorts of angry proclamations…but why are we so shocked at death, when it’s the one guarantee of life?

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Letter to a friend: Dear haters, hating doesn’t answer anything.


Haters vs other Haters, Atheists vs. Christians, Evolution vs Creation, Science vs. Religion…why the drama? This posting is based on a dialogue with someone sceptical of aspects of Christianity who watched a video of Christians making fools of atheists for their ignorance of science…This post discusses issues of: science vs religion, ridiculing one another, the place of the Bible in all of this, and whether or not pointing out how stupid everyone is, is actually helpful.

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Q&A: Do I earn God’s grace by works?


Q: I’m struggling to understand more practically what exactly is God’s grace and how I interact with it. I mean, I heard that grace is supposed to be free, but then there are people who say that I have to earn it by my works. What’s going on here?

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Discipleship: dealing with my spiritual father can be rough.

Q: I’m having difficulty knowing how to deal with my spiritual father. I don’t know how to balance my freedom with restrictions that he’s putting on me and I’m having trouble understanding what our relationship should look like. What am I supposed to do? I just feel like he doesn’t get how difficult what I’m going through is with a particular thing that I’m doing and I think that’s what is causing my frustration.

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History: Pentecost, St. Mark, and the Catechetical School

This one’s for the history buffs or to used as an aid in preparing some of your lessons and knowing the origins of the Mother Church.

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Thoughts & Meditations of an Orthodox Christian

Orthodox Unity (Orthodox Joint Commission)

Various Documents Concerning Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Joint Commission and Unity

An Orthodox Priest

Thoughts & Meditations of an Orthodox Christian


A haven for discussion about second chances, with a slight twist.

Thoughts & Meditations of an Orthodox Christian

On Behalf of All

An Eastern Orthodox Blog

Orthodoxy is Orthodoxy

Thoughts & Meditations of an Orthodox Christian


Thoughts & Meditations of an Orthodox Christian

Out of Egypt..

that they might have life

Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy

Doctrine Matters

Roads from Emmaus

Then they told what had happened on the road


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