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So you remember that poll where I asked about your opinion on the new website URL? Well, I moved over to one of those. So from now on, the posts will be posted to the new website, which is:

I’m going to place links on each post here to direct a person to the new site. For those of you who are e-mail subscribers, I *think* I got you guys migrated to the new site, but if I didn’t, it would be great if you could either go over there and add your e-mail, or shoot me a line and I’ll take care of it.

For those of you who used your wordpress account to follow, I invite you to go over to the page and refollow!

Please continue to pray for me and this service.

Your brother,

A message to guys about friendships with girls.


This article, A message to guys about friendships with girls, is now located here Sorry for the inconvenience, but the site has moved.

Finding Freedom in Christianity.

This one may cause some controversy, but I’m going to post it anyway. A subject that has been popping up a lot in the last while for me is relationships and the limits or lack of limits on friendships with the opposite sex. I’m not going to post a bunch of rules for anyone, but I do want to discuss some elements that I think should help one be more honest about things, and each can consult with their own spiritual guide on what is right for each to practice.

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