Love became man.


A very Merry Christmas to all of us celebrating the feast of our Lord’s Incarnation today!

How amazing is it that we have a God who wants us, loves us, and is willing to come out of His majesty to literally be one of us? He Who is outside of time accepted to be in it, He without a body took on Flesh! What was the point of that? Really, why did Love become man?

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Reflections on an exorcism – the devil is real…


Almost one year exactly to the day, an important lesson to remember!

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December 3, 2013

My friends,

This morning a woman possessed by a devil was in the Church. We’ve discussed some of this stuff before, but the context of this one was different than what I had witnessed previously and it’s worth bringing up. This isn’t a sermon, I just wanted to reflect on some stuff with you guys that impacted me…

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The hermit who became a Bishop.

There’s a monastic story that left an impact on me and comes to mind a lot. The story goes like this:

There was a monk who entered anchoritic life – that is, he became a solitary. In this mode of life, he gave himself up to the sweet love of God, and felt many comforts that came from heaven. He felt the active presence of God, he felt joy in his prayers, and the supernatural was ever-present with him. There were physical and spiritual signs of God’s love at all times.
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Simple thanks: then and now.

Please close your eyes for a moment and use that innate tool called the imagination. Take away your current surroundings, and follow me to North America, 300 years ago.
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The Afterparty: Nick

The smell of sweat, smoke and lust is still fresh in the club. Nick Sanchez, the custodian, is ready to bring out his gear and clean up after the hundreds of people who have danced into the wee hours of the night. Instead of Ne-Yo, he turns on Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri. He needs something mellow. The song actually seems appropriate enough to him, but the messed up lover is the club, and the victims are the clubbers.
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meditation: Have you found it?


Have you found that thing it is that you think will make you content? Have you reached the goal that you were aiming for? Were you happy when you got there? Is there that sense of joy and fulfillment in it? What do you need to do next? What do you need to do to feel totally fulfilled?
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A boy, his cross, and his intercessor.

“Always carry a cross!” The monk instructed him, “Never go anywhere without it. Never do anything without signing it with the cross first: sitting down, laying down, opening a drink, anything!” With that, he promptly signed the cross where the two of them would sit…

Little did the youth know how the story would become real…

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Thoughts & Meditations of an Orthodox Christian


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