3 thoughts on “I feel nasty and wanna confess one sin to someone else…”

  1. I would also like to add that, if one who is confessing is worrying about how their FOC is viewing them or is worrying about the relationship because of such and such a sin, then that person has to re-evaluate why it is they are going to see a FOC in the first place. First of all, there should not be a sense of building “respect” or “honor” when it comes to the relationship with a FOC. What I’m trying to say is the confessor should not be looking to build a good reputation with the FOC. The purpose is to be honest and let everything our regardless of what the sin is. Secondly, the person should know that the priest should not hold any expectations to the one hes guiding, and should be ready for everything, and prepared to guide his flock lovingly.

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