Letter to a friend: Dear haters, hating doesn’t answer anything.

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2 thoughts on “Letter to a friend: Dear haters, hating doesn’t answer anything.”

  1. I don’t really like this term “hater.” I know a lot of Evangelicals, most with strong beliefs and opinions, but I don’t know of any who are “haters”. I actually know more “nice” people who hate Christians (or at least hold them in friendly contempt), than I do evangelicals who hate. This is the honest truth. I listen to a lot of Christian radio and I have never heard anyone espouse “hatred” to atheists, gays, etc. I was even healed by “love” at an Evangelical church because of actual hatred I experienced at a Russian Orthodox church. The love that I experienced by that group of evangelicals was so amazing, it actually prepared me for entry into the Coptic Orthodox church.

    1. +

      Hi Joann!

      The term “hater” is a colloquial term and I’m just worried it was misunderstood. A hater is someone who is a greatly negative and critical person. So the idea was to address that on both “sides” people often look to ad hominem attacks or belittling, instead of the approach of love and a respect that people are free to make choices. There is no labeling here of any particular person or group as haters, the message to “haters” was to haters of all camps! 🙂

      pray for me.

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