5 thoughts on “The hermit who became a Bishop.”

  1. Here are my thoughts: Being around people is good for preventing sin. But an intimate relationship with God is not possible but alone, in prayer. For people who spend too much time with friends, it can be hard to sit alone with themselves in silence after a while of having that constant distraction. Likewise, if you are not strong the devil can prey on you when you are alone for too long and make you succumb to selfish desires.

    The key lies in finding a balance.

    1. Excellent comment and I’m glad you posted so that things are not misunderstood. Definitely, I don’t advocate being a social butterfly, but I am thinking more about how people live internally and only for themselves, and not because they are seeking spiritual perfection but because often they are simply being selfish.

      If your alone time is entering your chamber to pray – to dialogue with God and to intercede for yourself and the whole world, well and good. For most people, it’s “I’ll chill on my phone, think about what I want and how to get it and who is terrible or prevents me from getting it.”

      On the flipside – we also look for our comforts to come always supernaturally and from God directly and forget the gospel command of our Lord to BE Him to everyone else (as mentioned in the blog). We want God to make me not hungry when my neighbour should; we want God to send clothes to the beggar from heaven when you have the means to go do it yourself. So balance is important.

      In the words of the great Saint Antony, “A man’s life or death comes from our neighbour, if we benefit our neighbor, we benefit ourselves; if we offend our neighbour, we sin against God.”

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