A true elder: remembering Abouna Stefanos

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4 thoughts on “A true elder: remembering Abouna Stefanos”

  1. God is glorified in all His saints and blessed elders like Abouna Stephanos. May the Lord grant his memory to be eternal and comfort all his spiritual children.

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    I remember my first time coming back to the monestary after my car accident he saw me next to one of the cells and ran up to me & hugged me, then asked about my physical & spiritual health. He did not need to speak much for his smile alone was condolence, comfort, & some how contained all the answers we needed. I will truelly miss our dear beloved spiritual father, God rest his soul & may the monestary continue to grow in the direction he hoped.
    In XC,

  3. May the Lord repose the soul of His servant. May he rise to the heavens like the sweetest incense. May His intercessions and prayers be with us all. Amen.

  4. Although I never met Abouna Stefanos or sat with him as you did Abouna, you left me with the feeling of knowing him for a lifetime. Such a blessed and beautiful soul. You are so lucky to have witnessed this amazing elder. May he remember us before the Throne of Grace.

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