2 thoughts on “Discussion: Church has so many hypocrites, I’ve had enough!”

  1. Well written to Abouna!
    As a convert to the church (even after 12 years) I often find myself on the reciving end of “helpful” advice at church like how to sit properly, or if my shoulders are covered enough, etc… Now I take this with a grain of salt as I’m aware that to some this is important, and I am never disrespectful intentionally to others when I’m at church. However I’m not sure that God is overly concerned with the manner in which I’m sitting when I’m at church. I do believe that God is more concerned about how I react to these situations and to the people making the comments to me. That being said it did take me a bit to come to this realization and a little a bit of soul searching to figure out that these things should not drive me away from going to to church (which for a short time it did)
    I often think that because I’m a convert people feel it to be there duty to tell me the rules, but I think what most forget is that sometimes the rules are a tridition and a cultural thing more so than what God is asking of us.
    I’m not perfect and sure I have unknowingly (and if we are being honest knowingly) broken the “rules” on occasion, but I think sometimes that maybe we need to be less quick to point fingers at the rule breakers and more understanding that most often it is not done with a heart of offending and done with no ill intent and often comes from the diferance in culture or tridition. I’m not asking anyone to change there tridition or saying tridition isn’t important but more asking that people recognize that cultural or triditional diferance is not what makes a good Christian.

  2. +
    Someone requested that I copy and paste the discussion from Facebook for those who don’t have Facebook:

    SR: More confusing when seen among servants and clergy !!

    + Of course when it comes from the leaders it is harder, but when you think about it, it was the leaders that the Lord was rebuking for this behaviour! In the OT we read lots of prophesies where the Lord rebukes the leaders and the priests. In one place he says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6) but then goes to rebuke the priests for being poor teachers. So it’s inevitable that there will be good leaders and not as good leaders, but in the Orthodox Church it’s not only the priests who are meant to know the sound teachings. The whole church ought to know and collectively we “keep the faith” and “hand it down”. I pray that God help me not to be a stumbling block myself. The balance needs to come by reaching the point where one is not trying to find the faults in others or at least not spending too much time seeing it, but instead, to hold onto the truth itself and bring joy to those around us. I know, easier said than done. Mother Teresa said something that I’ve always loved and that I wish one day I could fulfill, “Be the change you wish to see in others!” God help us!

    If people increased their understanding of the history and dogma of the Orthodox church and focused on their respective place in it we would come to understand two simple, helpful things (at least for me): 1) The church is like Noah’s ark. It’s crowded, it stinks to high heaven because of all the refuse (which in this case is hypocrisy) that may be in it and is caused by people’s shortcomings but in the end we KNOW it saves you so while hypocrisy does exist it cannot offset its helpful, therapeutic means and 2) We have a ton of awesome privileges and responsibility as the people (laity) of God (laos too theo) that if we focus on our individual shortcomings and bettering them, on what our respective place is within our faith and abandon clericalization, hypocrisy will not be as potent of an obstacle.

    Today’s world is complicated and confusing – if we just remember the Lord’s love and hopes for us and live our lives accordingly but also focus on being kind and helpful to our fellow man while going about our daily lives and challenges…

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