Are you a secular/godless Christian?

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3 thoughts on “Are you a secular/godless Christian?”

  1. Where do you start? It can be so overwhelming to go from the life you’re currently leading to the one that God intends for you. If you go full force, you might just crash and burn, but of course maintaining the current lifestyle is not an option. Of course everyone is different and requires a tailored action plan under the guidance of a spiritual father, however, practically where do you begin so you’re not overwhelmed by the journey ahead.

    1. +

      You’re right, it can be overwhelming. I think this question warrants it’s own posting, to be honest, as it’s not a super quick easy answer.

      I would say from the get go:
      a) Do you believe He is God? Without this, you won’t be doing much with conviction
      b) Get to know Him (a relationship can’t occur if you don’t even know the One with whom you are in a relationship – there are many aspects to “getting to know Him”
      c) Get yourself a good abba (foc)
      d) Be consistent in a spiritual life – you can’t have a week on and then a few months off, there needs to be regularity and consistency.

      The thing is as you get to know God, you will inevitably have to come to the realisation that you were created to be in a relationship with Him. If you understand Him and yourself and what you were made to be, things are a little bit easier, because you know what you are working toward and why. Without knowing those things, spiritual life seems random, hard and overly legalistic.

      – SO the questions needed to answer this:
      a) Who is God?
      b) Who am I and why was I made?
      c) What’s the relationship between me and Him?
      d) What is expected from me and why?
      e) Why am I doing what is expected from me?

      People will usually be surprised that God is a lot nicer than we humans are and make Him out to be. 🙂

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